Zurich Tourist Attractions For the whole Family

Zurich is more than a leading  financial center and Zurich tourist attractions have everything for everyone, from a day trip to someone with a few hours to spare.

Zurich Tourist AttractionsZurich is beautiful, with a backdrop of snow-clad peaks in the distance and the Limmat river.A part of Zurich is occupied by the medieval charming Niederdorf to one side of the Limmat composed of narrow, hilly auto-free streets and historic buildings magnificently restored to their former glory, and the Zurich west on the other.

Unlike what most people believe, Zurich, however, powerful is not the capital city of Switzerland, but in many ways it is, let`s say in pen and paper it is not but in many people’s mind it is!

Zurich is rich in Art galleries, luxury shopping, and museums.lf you don`t mind paying a thousand dollars for a simple sweater thenZurich Bahnhof Strasse is the place to shop.

Zurich west was till not long ago was an industrial neighborhood of Zurich, that has quickly changed and now instead you will find quiet cafe bars, bistros, shopping, nightclubs and now home to Switzerland’s highest building.

Just a day in Zurich? be sure to check out these Zurich Tourist Attractions

There are endless things to do on a day out in Zurich, writing them all here will take a big book, but l have divided them into posts(see my other post) but in this post l will suggest two things you will sure enjoy paying very little to nothing.

Lake Zurich

Take a boat tour of lake Zurich, departing from Burkiplatz, Seebach to Rapperswil, the boat tour will take you though Kusnacht, Stafa, Meilen all the way to medieval town of Rapperswil. The trips are only open in summer months April till October.


At only CHF 26.00 on the 2nd class(at the time of this post) it`s money well spent.Do not forget to experience the onboard restaurant.Most of the boats are wheelchair accessible and disabled toilets also available, but there might be some restrictions on wheelchair size. Find more info here


The Grossmünster church

Zurich Tourist Attractions

Grossmünster Zurich

Grossmünster, located on the banks of Limmat river, you have to climb 184 stairs to tower top, you have an amazing view across Zurich and all the way to lake Zurich.The Grossmünster church is a landmark of Zurich. Legend has it that the church was built on the graves of the city’s patron saints, Felix and Regula. Read more here

Grossmünster is open from March  until October from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 am till 6.00Pm. in the winter (November until February)you can still go to Grossmünster from 10.00am – 5.00pm Mondays to Fridays.



8001 Zürich

Grossmünster is right in the city center so you do not need any bus or train if you are in Zurich.

Ride the PolyBahn

Zurich’s historic Polybahn runs every 10 minutes from the tram station at central square to ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), one of the richest universities in Europe, known to be one of the universities with the most Nobel prize winners in Chemistry and Physics read here. A one-way ticket cost just CHF3 but you can use your Zurich city ticket if you already have one.

Although only a 5 minute trip till you are up, the views from up  is delightful  and you can easily spend an hour up there without realizing it, taking in undistracted views of Zurich.

Alone with friends or with family, with little time to spare Zurich tourist attractions  has everything from a few minutes activities right in the city center.


Enjoy Zurich and l hope you enjoyed this post, if there is more you`d like to know,.just contact me, I’ll get back to you.

Zurich Langstrasse



Zurich Red Light district

Think of red light district in Zurich, think of Zurich Langstrasse, in the central of Zurich, one place where you get mixed feelings if it`s right or wrong to be, Landstrasse also happens to be the most multicultural place in Zurich. One of the rougher areas of Zurich, Langstrasse is Zurich’s red light district with drug dealing and prostitution taking place in most corners, see independent.co.uk clip here  a place where police have permanent presence patrolling every few minutes.If you were in need of the police, Langstrasse is the place to be. Langstrasse has shops and bars in any corner you turn.

Image result for zürich langstrasse

Cheaper Shopping In Zurich

Langstrasse I should say is also the lower price area in Zurich with a variety of restaurants and authentic food, it is the only part of Zurich where you will find activity 24/7.

Clothes shopping in Langstrasse is cheaper too if you compare to other shops. But shopping in Langstrasse can be fun, I should point it is less glamorous shopping here than in the big name designer shops at the Bahnhof Strasse but you will find cheap accessories and designs from young and upcoming designers.

This is also the area where you can have a quick haircut without prior appointment.Being a very busy part of Zurich, most services are available.Have something to eat at any time day or night.

If you are in need of expat-friendly place and bar hopping on a night out, Lange Strasse is the place to go.It`s not all about sex shops.Looking for hard to find exotic spices then you have to visit Langstrasse, if you can’t  find it here then maybe you can’t find it at all.

That said, Langstrasse is also the place where someone you know will be wondering what you are doing there if they happen to see you from a distance, I know of people who happen to be in Langstrasse and look the other way if they see someone they know coming from the other side, or people who will deny they at times go to Langstrasse for one reason or the other.

Zurich Langstrasse is also where you are likely to find live jazz and blues in any of the corner bars. There are several latino bars, Thai and whatever.Let me just say, Zurich Langstrasse is where you can find anything and everything.

All in all, Langstrasse is the place to be or not to be, depends on who you are talking to but definitely a place to be if you are looking for a bargain in anything.

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Coleman Montana 8 Person Modified Dome Tent Review

Camping tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person Modified Dome Tent Review

Product Details

Product Name … Coleman Montana 8 person modified dome tent

Product Price… $169.12

Investing in a Tent that is spacious and comfortable that will  keep you dry and safe from the elements is crucial when you are shopping for a camping tent. With Coleman Montana 8 Tent review, I’m going to look into pros and cons and why it is a good choice when buying a good quality tent.

With Coleman Montana 8 person modified dome tent review, I’m going to look into pros cons and why it is a good choice when buying a good quality tent.

I will look into how well it works, how durable it is, any  drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy online. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether Coleman Montana 8 Tent is right for you and your camping needs.


Product Description   

Coleman Montana 8 Tent offers full features for a fun family camping experience. It comfortably sleeps up to 8.

  • Lenth………….16X7 foot (W x D).
  • Height ………..6 feet 2 inches.
  • Hinged door for easy in and out.
  • Vented cool air port
  • Privacy vent window
  • Electrical access port
  • Interior gear pocket
  • Covered front porch for outside space living
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Comes with shock corded poles
  • Exclusive pin and ring design
  • Instant clip attachments
  • Stake and poles bags
  • Comes with storage and carry bag

Product Details And Features


  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Coleman
  • Model: 2000018292
  • Dimensions: 8.50″ h x 8.50″ w x 27.00″ l, 22.30 pounds


  • 8 person/1 room tent, 16 x 7-Feet footprint, 74-Inch center height,11-millimeter fiberglass poles
  • Modified dome structure, simple to set up, electrical access port and reverse angle windows
  • Great for family car campers, scout leaders, extended camping trips and easy to transport
  • 75-denier polyester taffeta fly, 68-denier polyester mesh inner tent, 1000-denier polyethylene floor
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer’s warranty

My Take of Coleman Montana 8 Person Modified Dome Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person Modified Dome Tent Review,tent


Coleman Montana 8 person modified dome tent is generous in size and can comfortably sleep 8,10 can squeeze in should you have the need.

It is lightweight, easy to set up  twenty minutes tops setting up, or  dismantle and fold away at the end of your camping adventure.All needed accessories come included in the box.There is no looking for where you misplaced the  instructions book, it is sewed on the carry bag.l find the price to be well worth it.The fabric is heavy duty but airy and there are different colors to choose from.


l personally could not find a reason to complain

So I give it

Image result for 4 stars out of 5




My Final Verdict

Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

For  $169.12 this is a very good value for money, you can take family or friends as there is room. the roll down windows and the built in light are a luxury.You can check Amazon own product description

Customer Reviews

Most helpful positive review

792 of 810 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 starsExcellent design, bone dry, plenty of room, what else?
on June 2, 2010

All I can say is “Wow”!

Cheaper than most family tents, but actually keeps the rain out. I’m 30 minutes north of Seattle. Just unpacked and put up the tent this morning as soon as it arrived during an hour no rain break, then it started pouring. Eight hours of rain and it’s still bone dry inside out in my backyard. I can’t believe a 450mm shell/tent can do that.

Where to Buy Coleman Montana 8 Person Modified Dome Tent

It is available at Amazon  Good value for money, easy to order from Amazon with free shipping if you buy from this link,  Click here to Buy
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Things To Do In Zurich

Activity in Zurich,things to do in Zurich

Things To Do In Zurich

Zurich, River, City

Zurich is so diverse that it`s easy to get confused where to start on your adventure, from Swimming in Lake Zurich to Hiking in Uetliberg you will be spoiled for choices. For indoor activity lovers, there are over 100 art galleries.If money is not an issue and shopping is your thing, shopping in the

For indoor activity lovers, there are over 100 art galleries.If money is not an issue and shopping is your thing, shopping in the Bahnhof Strasse is highly recommended.

It`s almost impossible for me to write all things you can do in Zurich in one post so this will be a continuous post as l add all things you can do in a day out, night out days and weekends in Zurich and things you can do at different times of the year.

Getting Around Zurich

Like in any major City, parking space and  traffic during pick hours can me a nightmare, public transport is very reliable so I will suggest you use public transport.

It`s convenient to buy a 24-hour ticket, this will save you the hassle of buying a ticket every few stations as this can be really expensive and inconvenient.

Tickets can be bought in Automats located at almost any bus station, or you can buy it at the SBB counter more info on SBB here.

But, if you decide on car rental there are many  small companies  that are much cheaper.You can opt for arranged tours of Zurich, but most of the places can be reached easily by trams and buses and this will also give you a chance to do things your way at your own speed and is more cost effective.

Things To Do In Zurich 

There are many tourist attractions in Zurich but also world class shopping with countless designer brand shops all at a walking distance from the main railway station.

  • visit the Chinese Garden, the Chinese garden was a present  from Kunming, as a thank you for technical and scientific support provided  expanding  drinking water supplies  and urban drainage in Kunming china.
  • A temple garden and considered to be the highest ranking garden out of china.At only about 5$ entrance fee, you can’t afford to miss.Can be reached within a few minutes bus ride.

2.1 zurich


  • Visit the old town(Altstadt)again within walking distance from the main railway station, here you will find Zurich’s Medieval houses, narrow lanes and town halls from the Renaissance period with attractive world-class entertainment.
  • Relax in one of the many cafes as you enjoy the environment sipping en expresso or a beer.
  • Zurich Zoo- with a display of 100s of  species. The grounds are covered in beautiful flowers  that relax visitors regardless of their age.
  • Tickets are about 30 us $and again just a few minutes from the main railway station.
  • Swiss national museum-Again just a few minutes walk from the main train station. Admission fee is a well worth 10 dollars there you can also buy swiss quality souvenirs and products.

Things To Do In Zurich Different Times Of The Year


Sechseläuten is a traditional spring holiday celebration mostly on the third Monday of April.Follow the parade of colourful and entertaining guilds till they reach the climax point of burning the Böögg,(a ragdoll figure of a snowman)

  • Love parade-A free and popular electronic music festival started in Germany in 1989 to promote love peace and unity.Today love parade has an attendance of up to one million people.All dressed in colourful legwarmers, body paintings and all the kinky or barely there outfits you can think of.

love oaradeAs said before, Zurich has so much to offer even if you are vacationing on a budget.

Most of the things listed above will not put a dent on your budget or things like the love parade don`t cost a penny apart from if you decide to buy a party costume or the after party drinks which are optional.

Sechseläuten is also free, again the only money you will need to spend is for the after party drinks, as everyone do go out to celebrate.

Language Barrier in Zurich For You As Holidaymaker?

Not sure of the exact number but a large number of the population speak a second or third language in Zurich. If you speak only English, you will be able to communicate in almost any place, but the official language is German.

If you speak only English, you will be able to communicate in almost any place, but the official language in Zurich is German.(Swiss German)

That being said, the 4 most spoken will be French, Italian, English and Spanish. Zurich city simply said is international.

Hotels in Zurich

There are many hotels in Zurich, places with cheap weekly hotel rates to places that are over budget, if you are on a tight budget you can even go to sleep number adjustable beds in Zurich wollishofen, just be informed it`s a shared bathroom facility so it`s not for everyone .Once settled it`s time to go sight-

Sources:  https://www.zuerich.com/en/visit/shopping/bahnhofstrasse-zurich

Places to go from Zurich

Swiss train


Spectacular And Stunning Places To Go From Zurich

Zurich  located in the north-central Switzerland is a global city,  known  home to a large number of banks.

Being central as it is, you can go anywhere and everywhere in and around Switzerland without worrying to book airline flight, with the punctual trains and the very reliable buses. Just a few hours out of Zurich you can find some spectacular and breathtaking scenery.

As said, it`s easy to travel by train so I’m going to let you into places to go from Zurich which are easy to reach and you can even get back at the end of every sightseeing trip.

Davos Home To World Economic Forum

Just a little over  two-hour train ride from Zurich you can be in Davos, the World Economic Forum meeting place Davos is one of the places you can go from Zurich and still not miss that big city feeling.

Don’t worry if like me you don’t get an invitation to join the meetings, how about star spotting? or a day at the ski slopes? the train ride through Thalwil, Ziegelbrucke and Sargans will take your breath away before you get into canton graubünden in the eastern alps region of Switzerland.

Davos is one of those places to go from Zurich that are easy to reach and still be back in Zurich if you do not wish to book a 2nd hotel room.

As said in earlier post, Swiss railway like most things here is expensive, a return ticket in second class will be in the region of one hundred Swiss francs but it`s well worth it. Enjoy curling(not my thing)or learn to ice skate or enjoy cross country skiing in Davos.

 Geneve Home To NGOs

Geneve, the second most popular city in Switzerland, home to the highest number of International organizations worldwide,  again another wonderful city just close to three hours from Zurich, a return ticket cost around 150 us dollars depending on the exchange rate.Read my other post on Geneve

As favourites go, Geneve is a cut above the rest, a world center of diplomacy Geneve is home to who is who in diplomacy and NGO`s like the Red Cross, UNHCR and the UN.

This makes Geneva one of the most expensive city in the world. There are endless things to do in Geneve, but your trip is not complete without a visit to the Museum or one of the many art galleries.

The official language in Geneve is french but with the many International organisations English is spoken almost everywhere.

 Basel is a hidden Gem

Places to go from Zurich Basel,

For about 90 us Dollars and just 1hour train ride from Zurich, Basel is where the German, French and swiss borders meet.

Basel has  major Pharmaceutical industries. Clariant, Novartis to name but few, did you know that Basel is  the birth place of Tennis Ace Roger Federer?Another reason to visit Basel.

If you like Museums Basel is the place to go, with the natural history museum, the museum of cultures and much more,  Basel has something for everyone.

The official language in Basel is Basel Deutsch but again like most Swiss cities, most people in Basel are multi-lingual so you will be fine if you speak French if not, not to worry, many businesses speak English.

 Interlaken is Tourist Favourite 

Sky, Glacier, Alps, Interlaken, Valley

Interlaken is a favourite even with Swiss people on a short vacation, a  well-known tourist destination in the Berner Oberland region of the Swiss Alps.

When considering a vacation in Switzerland, a trip to Interlaken is a must in your list of places to go from Zurich.

The main attractions are the Jungfrau mountains. You don`t have to be a mountain climber to enjoy the views, there are mountain railways to Jungfraujoch and the Monch.This makes it the highest point in Europe reachable by train.

It is best to visit Interlaken and be there on 1st August when the Swiss celebrate the national holidays and enjoy spectacular fireworks.

There are endless things to do, if you are into adrenalin sports,  try skydiving or canyoning. If you want it quiet, June is the right time for you as most tourists are away at this time of the year, or if you are heading for winter sports, February is the best  time as the winter season is winding down.

There I have given you some of the Places to go from Zurich reachable by train with in a short period of time and enjoy a full day of adventure.


Holidays In Switzerland

Swiss mountain

          Holidays in Switzerland


Rhaetian, Train, Locomotive, Traffic

Switzerland is such a nice and beautiful country to travel to though some travelers may see it as very expensive. This is because they certainly don’t check out for significant information that may help them save a lot more in the course of their travel.

Just like any other expensive place around the world, there are always some things a traveler to Switzerland can do to lower the burden of the travel expenses.

Travel information in Switzerland may help a person to be able to make a decision to visit the country again for their next vacation in Europe without any delay or hesitation.

Some of the important travel information about Switzerland that will help you during your trip are as follows:

Switzerland Accommodations 

Switzerland accommodations is an important travel information even though they tend to be too expensive. Surprisingly, hotels situated near railway stations are fewer in Switzerland compared to those of other countries.

It is advisable that you check on the hotel before agreeing to book it. The hotel rooms are smaller though they have more available services.

The hotel rates are inclusive of taxes, services and sometimes breakfast, but most importantly, make sure you inquire if all these are included.

Most hotels in Switzerland owe membership to the Swiss Hotel Association which categorizes hotels as per the facilities they have and not the pleasant and attractive qualities of the hotel.

You should make an effort to reserve a hotel of your choice ahead of your travel so as to avoid spending extra amounts of money in looking for other hotels should the one you like be fully booked.

Currency In Switzerland 

Swiss curency

Swiss francs, the official currency of Switzerland, abbreviated as CHF, is issued in Banknotes in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 CHF.

You are advised to check for the current exchange rates of your currency with the francs ahead of your time of travel. This will give you a hint of how much cost you will incur for you for everything about your visit.

When changing money, you do not necessarily need the CHF500 and the CHF 1,000 notes, they are not as easy to change in shops and some kiosks do not accept them all together.

Switzerland Transportation


There are over thirteen thousand miles of  boat, train as well as bus routes that Swiss transportation serves. Use of train is the most convenient, affordable and efficient means of traveling across Switzerland. Read more about Swiss Train pass here

It is also easy to obtain the rail passes hence this will help you minimize the cost of transportation during your vacation in Switzerland.

Language In Switzerland;

If you intend to travel to Switzerland, make sure you are conversant with either of its four languages. Surprisingly, English isn’t one of the languages in Switzerland. The most commonly used language in Switzerland is German or its Swiss dialect counterpart.

The Romand cantons of Vaud, Jura, Geneva, Neuchatel, Fribourg, and the west of Valais, use French as their language.

The south canton of Ticino together with some major cities use the Italian language. The fourth language called Romansh, is used by just about 1 percent of the entire population.

In most major cities English is widely spoken.In hotels, chemists, railway counters and most businesses in large or small cities you will also be able to communicate in English.

It is cheaper to dine in Swiss Restaurants for lunches compared to ordering the same meal during dinner. You should opt for the day meals because they are less expensive.

On top of that, beer prices are slightly lower than that soft drinks. Tipping is most common in Switzerland and usually contributes 5% of the total cost, though meals are inclusive of the service charges.

In short, travel information in Switzerland is far much important to a traveller as it helps him know much of what to expect in the country.(you can read more at www.myswitzerland.com)

It is thus important to know about Switzerland and the areas you wish to visit for your holidays in Switzerland right ahead of your journey. This will help you avoid inconveniencing yourself as well as avoiding extra costs to your budget.

More On Holidays In Switzerland:

Switzerland Mountain, Pilatus, Sunrise, Morning

First, in order to enjoy your visit to Switzerland, you should be there for over ten days. This will enable you to maximumly enjoy everything about Switzerland.

There is a wider variety of activities that you can engage in if you really wish to enjoy your holidays in Switzerland.

Among these activities are hiking,(read my post on hiking in Switzerland) biking, inline skating, windsurfing, canoeing, mountain climbing, white-water rafting, gliding that every visitor can engage in while in Switzerland.

Also to enjoy holidays in  Switzerland  it is necessary for you to know the when, what, where and why you should travel to this country.

You can make holidays in Switzerland at any time of the year, months between June and September are great for summer activities. Winter sports, however, are also attractive and are likely to happen from December to March.

Holidays in Switzerland will also certainly expose you to some exclusively odd and strange activities, for instance rolling down the side of the mountain while you are inside a very large ball. This is called zorbing in Swiss terms.

House running is yet another activity that is so odd and strange. Does it really mean going around the house in full speed?

No! It is not as uninteresting as it sounds but is actually sliding down in a controlled way at a very high speed, especially using a rope down very tall structures like a cliff or a rock.

The cuisine in Switzerland is also another reason why everyone should travel to Switzerland. Most dishes contain cheese.

You may not like the dairy products, but this won’t give you any eating problems in Switzerland. Vegetarians shouldn’t also worry themselves because there are several vegetarian restaurants available all over the country.Check my post on Switzerland Traditional foods.

Holidays in Switzerland summary

Switzerland is generally one of the safest countries on earth. You should, therefore, not worry much about your holidays in Switzerland, muggings in backstreets are almost unheard of. If you don’t engage much in their cuisine, then the only thing that should worry you is hypothermia and altitude sickness.

Holidays in Switzerland may look expensive but with all the beautiful places and amazing activities that the country has to offer, every penny is worth spending on your trip to this country.

Nikon coolpix aw130 waterproof digital camera Review


Nikon coolpix aw100 waterproof digital camera Review

Nikon Coolpix aw130 waterproof digital camera Review

Product Name : Nikon Coolpix AW 130

Price: $ 249

Website: nikon.com

Nikon Coolpix AW 130 is on the small size making it ideal to carry around with you.With easy to handle navigation buttons and menus, it`s easy for anyone to use.Being weather resistant, you can use Coolpix AW 130 outdoors , swimming, skiing and mountain climbing.

As a camera suitable for outdoor activities Coolpix AW 130 is waterproof, the casing sealed to keep water and dirt away. The parts that open, like the battery and memory case,  have extra seals and locks to keep water out. None of these cameras float, and some of them do not include wrist straps.

We tested the camera for image quality and durability, most people buy cameras to use at any occasion so another test was the strength to withstand outdoor activities such as sports.

With the wide range glass lens, it  delivers image quality even in dim light.

Pros and cons


In-camera image editing: Crop, retouch and reduce picture size.

Intelligent autofocus: With COOLPIX AW130, Target Finding AF  determines your intended subject and puts the focus  your subject.

Supported Languages: 

Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Marathi, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese (European and Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese.

Power: Battery life for still pictures is about 370 shots and approximately 1 hour 10 minutes for movies(1080/30P)

SceneModes: Backlighting, Black and white, close up, Dusk/dawn, Fireworks, Landscape, night portrait, scene auto selector, sports, sunset, underwater and much more.


Nikon COOLPIX AW130 has a built-in Wi-Fi capability that can only be used with a compatible iPhone and other smart devices running on Android system.

For underwater activity, Nikon COOLPIX AW130 is way too light and easy to loose.


Face detection, WiFi functions, focus lock,in-camera editing,self-timer (up to 10 seconds), waterproof up to 100 feet,up to 5 shots per second, 5X optical zoom.


  • COOLPIX AW130 
  • AN-CP23 Strap
  • UC-E21 USB Cable
  • EN-EL12 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • EH-71P Battery Charger
  • BU-2 Cleaning Brush

Camera with lens Royalty Free Stock ImageWho is Nikon Coolpix 130 for?

Nikon Coolpix 130 waterproof digital camera is suitable for people who like taking pictures outdoors. Skiing, hiking it can stand a drop of up to 7 meters.It`s durable and shock proof.

From beginners learning to take pictures to more experienced photographers, Nikon Coolpix 130 is very easy to handle.Other top camera review sites have also rated Nikon Coolpix 130 quite high in their review.

Help and Support 

The camera comes with a user manual 1-year warranty, they also offer telephone and email support.

Final Verdict 

The difference in price makes a big difference, you can buy a camera for as low as $70, but the quality in pictures are great.At $261, we can honestly say that Nikon Coolpix AW 130 waterproof camera is well worth every penny.You can capture amazing photos and videos with a touch of a button.

Hope the review has helped you on deciding if this camera is for you, if you have any questions, please do ask by leaving me a message below and I`ll get back to you.

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Major Cities In Switzerland


zurich 27.12

From the country’s capital, Bern, to Zurich, to Geneva, and the many smaller cities anywhere in between, the cities of Switzerland are sure to fill every guest’s thirst for the arts, nature, culture, and so much more.

Switzerland may be a little nation yet it has a superbly fluctuated atmosphere because of the difference of the area, from the Alpine district where you’ll find the astounding hilly perspectives, verdant backwoods and crests that are secured in snow all through most of the year, which is the reason it is so prevalent amongst the winter sport devotees.

We are going to look at some major cities in Switzerland mostly frequented by tourists, first times or returning.

By and large, all major cities in Switzerland can be considered vacationer urban communities. They might contrast in size and populace however each is as charming as the other.

Bern, Switzerland’s capital, the seat of Switzerland’s government.Bern’s central location makes it the perfect base for overnight stay and for excursions in most parts of Switzerland.

In some opinions is fundamentally the most engaging among the urban areas in Switzerland. Its population of around 130,000 inhabitants is glad for the city’s climate. They all have a casual way to deal with their regular lives. As a Zuricher will tell you, Berner sind  langsamer.

The old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and thanks to its 6 kilometers of arcades – local people allude to them as “Lauben” – gloats on of the longest climate protected shopping promenades in Europe. Additionally, Bern was once voted as the most flower city in Europe.

Among the urban communities in Switzerland, Zurich is the biggest and the most costly. Home to around 360,000 individuals, Zurich is considered as the key business city of the nation and is the stock exchanging city of the world.

In case you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to pass  this city. Shopping here may be for the rich, however, the sights are absolutely for a wide range of visitors.check Zurich tourist attractions.

Geneva is one of the significant urban areas in Switzerland with multinational organizations Geneva is very popular. However, it’s not what a great many people see it to be. Geneva does not even have the run of the mill size of a town, and a decent 38% of its population is comprised of outsiders. In any case, do  not expect to see diverse nationalities in Geneva or hear dialects other than French and American English.

Most Visited city in Switzerland

One of the most visited cities in Switzerland with tourists and locals on a short vacation alike is Lucerne. This tourist-packed city boasts of spectacular mountain views and charming lake cruises.

Despite the city’s historical and traditional appeal, it has its share of the usual European nightlife. The good thing though is, guests are all given various forms of entertainment.

Major Cities In Switzerland

At the border with France and Germany is Basel, the second biggest in urban areas in Switzerland. Sadly, it is likewise the most exceptionally underrated real city.

It’s not as international as the city of Geneva, or as clamoring as the city of Zurich, nor is it as close to the Alps as the city of Bern may be. In any case, with more than two dozen galleries for a minor 486,000 populace, Multinational companies, Basel essentially makes its imprint as a remarkable town.Not only that but you can hop over to any place in Europe or all over the world from Basel airport

There are various different cities in Switzerland, places like Biel, Solothurn(ambassadors town) St.Gallen or Bellinzona famous for having 3 UNESCO  world heritage sites.

Towns like Buchs Sg bordering Austria and Liechtenstein are little gems that not many tourists know of but are worth a visit, from there you can hop a train to Feldkirch in Austria so well worth a visit.

Furthermore, regardless of the possibility that they are different from each other, every one of them have made their own particular corners in the tourism business. Certainty is, every one of the urban areas in Switzerland beckon each explorer. Also, picking which places to visit from among the rundown can be an incredible test.

Other Major Cities In Switzerland?

As said in the beginning of this post, there are more cities all offering different experiences for a holiday maker or someone on a short break you can always check with your tour guide to arrange what city to visit.
Zurich and Surroundings City Tour WINTER - 4 1/4 hours


Major Cities in Switzerland may not be for everyone on vacation so do check on smaller towns all reachable by road and experience different cultures.

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Switzerland Train Pass

 Switzerland  Train Pass And Why You Need It

Switzerland train Pass is a must if you want to view the Swiss Alps route by  tourist-oriented  golden pass line.

Welcome to the best Switzerland Train Pass, the Golden Pass Journey! This special train is built for sight-seeing and touring! The cars have panoramic windows and comfortable face-to-face seating. For those who love trains and virtually unending scenery from end to end, this trip is for you!

Switzerland train pass

The absolute best time, in my opinion, is a trip on a nice sunny day in the late spring after the trees have leafed out and the grass is a lush green!

The views are stupendous! Beginning in Lucerne, you are greeted with mountains on both sides as the train moves through the valley and in points, on the side of the hill.

In the towns and countryside alike, there is not a scrap of litter to be seen anywhere, just pristine views, well-cared for pasturelands, Alpine architecture and mountains.

The Golden Pass Trip is a MUST for all visitors to Switzerland, for an educational as well as awesome and relaxing trip through the many faces of Switzerland from Montreux to Lucerne and vice-versa!

Travel Details For the Golden Pass Train Trip

How to Book a Trip on the Golden Pass:(click here to book)

Reservations to take this trip are required and are an additional fee to the normal point-to-point pricing.

You must contact InternationalRail to book your desired trip on the Golden Pass.

Information you will need to provide are the Origin City along Golden Pass’ route, Destination City, the Date of travel intended, preferred time of departure and which class accommodations you would like (1st class or 2nd class.) During booking you will also need to provide your name(s) as shown on your passport, your contact telephone and the departure date from your country.

Switzerland Train Pass

There are several trains which run concurrently in opposite directions along the route and leave the terminus at either end roughly on the hour or two hours, depending on the time of day.

The Golden Pass Schedules can be viewed on the InternationalRail website for specific scheduling. There are two transfers along the route, one in Zweisimmen and the other in Interlaken Est.

These are also the along-the-route stops. Please note that scheduled times may change without warning.

The layover times at transfers are generally five minutes in Zwiesimmen and about less than 15 minutes in Interlaken Est.

Switzerland Train Pass Tickets

Reservation for seats are usually provided with your ticket You can request your reservation up to 90 days in advance of your actual trip. Do inquire if reservations cost extra.

If you would like, the tickets can be shipped to you wherever you live.Or if you already know which hotel you will be residing, they can be posted to your hotel. Another easy and very convenient option is to pick it up at the railway station.

If, for some reason, you need to garner a refund for your reservation, be advised that your ticket will be 85% refundable BEFORE the actual train departure date.

You may not exchange your ticket for that of another route or date/time on the Golden Pass. You will need to have your funds refunded and then reschedule the alternate trip.Click here to buy tickets

Swiss Train Pass Prices

A 3-day second class ticket cost CHF 210

A 4-day second class ticket cost CHF 251

Please confirm if a reservation cost extra, reservation prices are not always included in all trains.

Young adults(under 26 years old) pay less

3 day pass  second class ticket CHF 179

4 day pass second class cost CHF 213 (read more here)

Advantages of  Switzerland train pass

With Swiss train pass, you can use one ticket for trains, museums, ships and buses in the whole of Switzerland for the same price.As the tickets are sold for 3,4,8 and 15 days, you will be making a massive save as you go around Switzerland.With Switzerland train pass, you can hop in hop out at stations catching the next convenient transport.

Thank you for using this Resource and considering a trip on this unique Switzerland Train Pass!



Switzerland Travel Packages

Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Switzerland Travel Packages

Switzerland travel packages can be a real bargain if you do your homework before benching in on that itinerary. This is something you are encouraged to do as hotels and travel companies spend great deals of money putting these packages together and making them appeal to the consumer.

Is it a real bargain? or is it “Value-Added?” This we are rarely if ever told in the front-end. This doesn’t mean that that vacation package is a rip-off. You must ask yourself questions:

Do I Need That Escorted Tour?

These are packages that are put together and you follow the regimen of places to visit, hotels where you will stay and means of transportation by which you reach each city. You will stay in one place for a day, another for two days, another for one day, and so forth.

 For some, this is most advantageous. It tends to give the tourist a slice of the pie in the way of what is considered the most popular and best loved of the attractions in Switzerland.

Switzerland Travel Packages

If you’ve never been to Europe, let alone Switzerland, this type of itinerary might well be for you. Chances are, you won’t miss out on the most important attractions by any means and the tour guides are highly experienced to give you as much as you need in the least amount of time, allowing you to see more than you might independently.

However, this kind of package does have its drawbacks. You will have very little time to do any kind of independent travel in the cities you are visiting, let alone visit any outlying area during the trip.

If you are fortunate, you might be able to take in some of the shops in the immediate area where you are staying that night. If you are the person who comes to watch the show, this type of itinerary is for you. If you are more of the independent type, you may want to look for other options.

Also, depending on the time of the year and when you book the vacation, you may be in for a crowded situation in at least some of your touring. Be aware of the climate during the time you plan to go. It might be very well a very rainy time of the year and that’s not fun!Mountain, Pilatus, Sunrise, Morning

The great thing to report is that there are Switzerland independent travel packages available where your flights and hotels are the gist of the itinerary, leaving you the freedom to go where you choose.

Switzerland is said to have some of the easiest, affordable and most numerous independent travel packages available in Europe!

This tends to bring the costs down quite a bit if you find the right ones! It also allows you to blaze your own trails – something that would make for a more memorable experience.

Value or Value-Added? White Water, Nature, Switzerland

Not all vacation packages are roving deals out there, but instead a  marketing ploys to make an itinerary look more glamourous and cost effective than it really is.

Sometimes, however, you can hit upon some real deals when hotels actually cut pricing for a limited time.

This is great for them because it definitely brings in the clientele who will use them again and again later at regular pricing.

To get the best advantage from your itinerary, do not miss those hotel movies nor meals that are part of your itinerary. You pay for them whether you have enjoyed them or not.   Click here to check for latest deals 

Most importantly, do the research on what’s offered in the itinerary of interest and see what the regular pricing would be for each item.

Add them up, and if you find significant savings, it’s something to take advantage of! Doing the research may prove without a doubt that the itinerary is an inflated trip to the cleaners rather than a vacation.

A word of advice:


Most itineraries allow for meals and lodging, however, this does not usually cover ALL of your meals and other personal needs.

Just because you have a travel package, you should bring enough cash to take you through and get those meals you don’t get with the itinerary and in case you would like some souvenirs and keepsakes.

Such an example is a ten-day itinerary which includes eight breakfasts and three dinner meals. Unless you are on a weight-loss plan, do bring the means to provide for those unprovided meals!

Remember that you will be engaged in a lot of activities whether or not you’ve chosen independent travel or an escorted tour.

An Itinerary for Every Person

No matter what you choose, the best advantages you will have from your vacation will be that time in which you do the required research on your itinerary. Best are those itineraries that allow you to “build” your vacation, rather than the ones already pre-manufactured.

Budget restrictions are not the only things to consider – your desired experience counts too, so do the due diligence in every way!

Chances are good that you will find the optimal itinerary that gives you the cake that you can have and eat it too. Whether you are into luxury, and money is not an object, or on a strict budget, whether you prefer guided tours and a well-regimented vacation, or you want to go where your sheer interests take you, Switzerland  vacation packages has something for everyone.Click this link to book Swiss guided tailor made tours